TSM Launch - May 22, 2010

The May launch might have set a record for flights, over 50 were documented, but I do believe a couple more were made as clean-up took place. A large part of the flights were low power but still a great day out at Maple Island.

Another first for TSM, might be four certification attempts made at a single launch. Mitch L., Mark H., and Robert M., attempted a level 1 certification. Mark had tried numerous times before to have everything work correctly and this time everything came together for success on his Loc Cyclotron. Robert was also a proud level 1 certification holder at the end of the day. Mitch tried valiantly to come away with his level 1 but the cards were stacked against him.

Craig N. tried for a level 3 certification with his Death to Lawn Darts. The flight was perfect and it looked to be a certain certification, however when the main chute deployed trouble found its way into the equation and a tangled messed ensued with the tethered airframe. Luckily, damage was kept to a minimum and we might see a second attempt at an upcoming launch soon.

Richard flew his Stretch Aurora on a very cool long burning K185. It was Richards only flight for the afternoon but a treat for the crowd to admire his flight for the extended duration on the long burn.

Andy had a couple flights during the afternoon, his Got Thrust, Load Warrior, and Paid Assasin took flight. Andy was caught in pic with the recovery of Load Warrior.

Dennis was present at the May launch with his Deuce Crayon and Super Sprite. Here is his Super Sprite coming in for a nice landing.

Craig K. had his Packers Graphics and Praying Mantis out for the afternoon, both have been usual suspects at our launches, some believe Craig should be a spokesperson for John Deere with his agraian color scheme of the mantis.

Scott Y. and Scott E. both had flights at the launch. Scott Y. had Recycle Sally and No Name Lawn Dart out for flights and Scott E. had his Mini BBX and his Performance G3 at the range head.

Ron had one flight with his AMRAM, as well as Warren and single flight on his Mini BBX

Rounding out the usual suspects was Jerry O. with a couple flights on a LOC Isis and an Aero Dart.

Throughout the very busy afternoon at the rangehead, in-depth notes where keep to a minimum on the flights, perhaps fitting for whirlwind May launch, best remembered in a couple pictures and great commraderie.

Flight Log
1 Alex MervinAlpha-3B6-4
2 Andy LimperGot ThrustI245
3 Andy LimperLoad WarriorB11-B6
4 Andy LimperPaid AssasinH123
5 Avery BlankPrincessD12-5
6 Benton BlankMustangG38
7 Braeden AllenSpudnikB6-4
8 Braeden AllenMysticC6-5
9 Braeden AllenSpudnikC6-5
10 Braeden AllenSpudnikC6-5
11 Craig KnipplePackers GraphicsG14
12 Craig KnipplePraying MantisJ350
13 Craig NelsonDeath to Lawn DartsM1200
14 David DonovanShelby DogF20-7
15 Dennis BlankSuper SpriteD12-5
16 Dennis BlankDeuce CrayonD12x2
17 David WhitakerThorI119
18 Elijah Van GrootheestTriskelionB6-4
19 Francesca BirchPurple People EaterB6-0-B6-4
20 Gary BrownTiny PterodactylG80
21 Glen OverbyI'm YellowH180
22 Glen OverbyLost GG80
23 Glen OverbyNike AspD10-5
24 Jacob OstrengGuardianB6-4
25 Jerry OlsenAero DartE18
26 Jerry OlsenLOC IsisG64
27 Jonan DimockPatriotC6-5
28 Keaton DimockNike SmokeB6-4
29 Kendra BlankEagle WingsB6-4
30 Kendra BlankChrome DomesB6-4
31 Lucas BirchExstractorB6-4
32 Mark HemingerLoc CyclotronH123
33 Mike Allen-WinterExxileC6-5
34 Mike Allen-WinterExxileB6-4
35 Mitch LongTethysH165
36 Mitch LongTethysH128
37 Richard HagensickStretch AuroraK185
38 Robert MillerInitiatorG40
39 Robert MillerAspireF10
40 Robert MillerC-ExpressD12
41 Robert Miller?ForteH128
42 Ron FreiheitAMRAMI284
43 Scott EmkovikMini BBXH128
44 Scott EmkovikPerformance G3J370
45 Scott YoungRecycle SallyH180
46 Scott YoungNo Name Lawn DartH148
47 Spencer RoederBlack Amazon NigaC6-5
48 Spencer RoederCrossfire MustangC6-5
49 Spencer RoederCrossfire MustangC6-5
50 Spencer RoederBlack Amazon NigaC6-5
51 Warren MitlyngMini BBXI200
52 Wesley BirchUn-namedB6-4