TSM Launch - May 28, 2011

The May launch was a cool pleasant Saturday out at Maple Island. Setup seemed to go very quickly with the revised trailer and before long our first rocket made it to the flight line. Andy started of the day with his Tachyon Pulse with G motor to a respectable 1,200 feet. This was Andy's first flight of the season and other than a late chute and rough landing it wasn’t a bad start. Andy recovered her in the NW near the road. Andy also flew his Bully Puppy on a H148 and his Golden Dream on a J500. Both nice flights!

Tom joined us for Florida and was drawn (no pun) to the flight line with his crayon. He informed me that the crayons are available in 38mm and rumor has it that one was destined for Tanners rocket arsenal. Tom flew his Yellow crayon on an I motor for a very nice flight, landing in the NW.

Craig joined the flyers with his Praying Mantis affixed with strap-on cameras. All looked great until about 50 feet in the air the Mantis exploded. Sadly parts of her rained down for a bit and post analysis showed complete failure of the c-slot motor. The mantis has seen its share of hardship over the years - hopefully will welcome the john deer green goblin back to the fields again. Perhaps the repairs might shorten the name to 'Praying' or 'Praying Man'. Well keep posted and pray for her return! Craig also flew his Packers Graphics after many issues with getting her to light. On the 4th attempt she took flight to 1500ft.

Gary had one rocket out to the launch and flew his Tiny Pterodactyl to an expected altitude of 2000ft. She landing NE in a very nice flight.

Scott had two rockets out for the day. His Little Chubby had a great flight on a I229 up to 1K feet and landed very close to the range head. He doubled the altitude on his Mini BBX on a H128 with a fine flight.

Mark had his Applewhite not of this earth saucers out for the May launch. His crossfire spun skyward on its maiden flight to a saucerish 75 feet. Another saucer best the altitude that day for UFO's up to 250 feet on a G60 motor. Expectedly so, she landed near the range head.

Richard took the honor of highest altitude with his stylish Stretch Aurora, fueled by a great long burning K185 up to 5600 feet.

Robert had a ninja named rocket out to the launch, his Saigo Takamori. A camera was flown onboard - hopefully we might catch some footage of the 1,400 flight which was nicely done.

Warren had his Isis out to the range and took off really quickly on a G80 and settled her up in the sky at 2,100 feet. She came down to the north in a very respectable flight.

Jerry's Isis didn’t fair as well at the launch and blew the motor, suspicion was from a plugged ignitor - however on pre-flight she looked like business as usual for the prep- perhaps just bad luck. His Sandhawk took the stage for better luck that afternoon without any mishap.

Tear down went well and folks took a detour to 'Bruno's East - Hollandale', Events of the day were toasted with appropriate beverages and a very nice end cap to a fun launch out at Maple Island.