TSM Launch - July 23, 2011

The July TSM launch was a fine outing at Maple Island. To highlight the day, Three Certifications took place. Craig Nelson attained his level 3 certification with a spectacular flight to 6000 feet with his Death To Lawn Darts flying on a M900. Once he got the electronics settled it was a textbook flight and a great certification in the books.

Both Elizabeth Baker and James Baker tried for Level 1 and Level 2 certifications respectfully. Sadly our LCO was challenged with what pad was where and inadvertently both took off in a drag race. Thankfully both made it to terra firma with a two more certifications for the day. Both great flights and in stereo! Ooooops!

Carl had his mini Miss September out to the July Launch and she was armed with a K550 expected to stage to an I300. Unfortunately, the staging did not occur, but she looks like she will try for a successful flight again - good luck to Carl to get everything in order - this is why they call it 'Rocket Science' cause it aint easy - especially with a complex two stage project.

Robert paid tribute the a Samurai Warrior with his Sakamoto Ryotma - this fierce opponent was readied with 3-D motors. The Samurai took to the air with an appropriate leap off the pad and it will return to the flight range again unharmed.

Mark had a couple rockets at the launch, his Cyclotron, Darkstar Mini flying nude on its maiden voyage to 1200' and his bi-copter powered by 2-E motors, sadly the copter took to the sky and quickly found trouble with one of the motors. Lets see if some copter-reconstruction takes place and we see the X-Fire Copter back again.

Andy sacrificed his Maniac to the Corn Gods in a nice flight on an E motor - but the sea of tumultuous tassels swallowed her up, I think the day ended with Maniac missing in action.

Warren flew his Delta II on an H123 to a projected altitude of 1800 feet. Things looked like business as usual for the delta in a fine flight.

Jon a new recruit to the Southern Minnesota ranks had his modified Loc Lil' Diter flying on a H152 blue streak to about 1600 feet. Hopefully we'll see Jon back with additional projects in the months to come.

Jerry had his venerable Sandhawk out for the afternoon, flying on a G77 redline. No problems and another successful flight in the logs for TSM.

After the launch, Richard had an N motor to test. The motor sounded great for just a short time before problems occurred, lets see if the N motor will make it back to the island for another test in the success department.

Ron flew his Altitude Junkie on a flight that took it into the stratosphere. Luckily his Walston tracker with help from Mark brought this rocket back at the end of the day. A reminder to flyers - the Walston is your friend.

Rain looked to possibly put a damper on the launch, but we missed it and the July launch was a fine day for flying. Even our local crop duster flew by to check up on things at the launch. Clouds early in the day finally gave way in the afternoon and at days end many of the flyers found their way to 'Bruno's East' for a recap and refreshments.

Thanks to everyone that helped - extra thanks to Sue for taking over the Rocket Grill. Thanks also go to Jerry for making sure amenities were found at the launch and to Mark and Jon for taking pics and the TSM July Launch!

See everyone at the August Launch.