TSM Launch - July 24, 2010

The TSM July launch was a quiet event with just a couple flights.

Tanner flew his Fat Boy in a nice flight with a due west landing, Elsewhere his Silver Tiger took flight as well.

Robert had a nice flight with his Black and Red, it flew on a cluster of three D motors in a nice flight. A southeast recovery was made simple with the help of the Walston.

The highlight of the launch had to be Craig's Slyder w/burger booster. Craig flew the booster on a I165 and the sustainer on a H180. The booster found its way back to earth due east and the sustainer kept found the condiment isle in the northeast. A Nice flight!

Jerry's Bulls Eye kept true to the name and became a lawn dart, landing with some venvegence in the northwest. Lets hope there might be some future for the Bull's Eye with some much needed repairs.

Mark finished off the quiet launch with a couple flights. He flew his Cluster Saucer on its maiden flight to a projected altitude of 400 feet on a 123 skidmark that was very loud off the pad with an array of sparks. Mark also flew a Helix Monocopter on a maiden flight with a lower altitude ceiling of 200 feet on a E motor.

The July launch finished off with the usual conversation and comraderie, and a thanks goes out to everyone that helped out with setup and teardown.