TSM Launch - August 28, 2010

The Good Shephard Lutheran School Rocket Club flew a couple rockets at the August launch. Their Loc Onyx as very stylish at the flight line getting ready for takeoff.

Craig fliew his Packers Graphics on a nice flight that raced off the pad. He had some issues with the chute tangling on the trip down causing it to fall fast, but I think we'll see her again at Maple Island. Craig also took the Mantis out for a flight on a J280, with a lot of smoke off the pad.

Paul flew his Big EZI on a J340 Metal Storm motor. It was very loud off the pad and had a very nice flight with an easy recovery just in the northwest corn.

Mark flew his Loc Cyclotron on H125 motor with a projected altitude of 1900 feet. Onboard were GPS and video as well. The flight went well with recovery on the flight line to the North

Carl's 'My Small Horse' was a highlight flying on a cluster of five I284's. We caught her just pressuring up on the launch rail before she took off to 3200 feet. Carl ran dual deployment as well this very cool rocket.

On the low power pads, Keaton flew his Patriot on a C motor after having some ignitor problems. Here she is just getting ready to go.

Jerry flew his Loc Isis on a G64 white lightning motor, in a nice flight. I believe the Isis missed the corn, landing in the northeast.

Timothy didnt miss the corn on the recovery of his Rising Star, landinng in the Northwest. Here is the Rising Star getting ready for takeoff, and then just underway.

Mark flew his Cluster Saucer on three E motors with a projected attitude of 400 feet.

Two rockets we didnt catch on film where Mark's AMRAAM flying on a D motor with corn recovery, and Zeal's Alpha III which landed on the road towards the North.

Walking taco's where the suprise lunch fare made by Lori, there were awesome and well received by the crowd. We did catch Lori on film, modeling her Walking Taco's and looking for Carl's rocket in the skies over Maple Island.

Some time at the launch was also spent getting gear ready for the trip to Black Rock. Post launch, the crew headed to the hanger in Dodge Center to for the first time Craig and Craig's Awesome paint job on Miss September. Additional gear was packed up in Richard's trailer for next months trip to Nevada.