TSM July Launch - 07/26/2008

Folks, Sorry for the long delay in getting the July Launch report out. The Sky Maven project took much of the time away from the day-to-day TSM work. However, here is the log from the fields of Maple Island from July.

Perhaps one of the coolest rockets launched was the 3-stage cone by Tom Tweit. He powered the cones on a D12 staging to a C6 and finishing the boost on a A10. The flight was way cool and the tumble recovery stages were all accounted for, a Great Flight x 3 !

Tom also flew his 4th of July Special on a J500 in a nice flight with recovery close to the range head. A little further jaunt for recovery was Tom's Crayon powered by a H185 with a projected altitude of 1,327 feet. On deployment, a very long fluorescent orange streamer gave a very nice show of shimmering against the sky.

In Tom's arsenal of rockets at the launch, I believe one met with some deployment issues as his America Standing Tall on a F254 with projected altitude of 1,426 feet came in like a javelin. Tom also flew his Long Strong Arm on a F22 that faired better.

Paul Chiarello flew his Big EZI on a I366 Redline, the redline motor roared off the pad with a vengeance for the skies to a projected altitude of 2,850 feet. The flight was very nice and recovery was eventually aided by a search crew who came up with the missing EZI.

Scott gave a heads up on his Cally's Star on a J135 which had been in storage for some time. He remarked that the altimeter had also been in use for the last seven years. Data on the Star indicated that 4,000 feet was the expected altitude - accounting for one of the highest flights for the day.

The Nelson family had quite a few rockets at the launch. Abbey Flew her Over the Rainbow on a H185 Redline in a nice flight with recovery to the east. Challenging Tom's 3-stage cone in the coolness award was Craig’s homebrew Twilight, at less than $20 dollars Craig put together a PVC rocket flown on a J490 Super Tiger. Added to the homebrew effort were custom igniters by Craig as well. The igniters were worth their weight in pyrogen - For the 'Nelson Igniters' were eventually found on the launch pad in Kansas, used to set the Maven into the Skies. Craig also flew his Dont Burst MY Bubble on a I284 Green Gorilla.

Warren Flew his Ares I on a I211W, in its inaugural flight in Minnesota. The flight was great but the recovery took some time, had I known we got a picture right at landing it would have helped - Sorry!. Warren also flew his Delta III with a projected altitude of 1,100 for a pair of nice scale rockets.

The Emkovick family also had a pair of nice flights. Andy flew his Amram 2 on a H128W to 2,500 feet and Scott flew his PML Mini BBX to 2,000 feet. I think Andy got the better of Scott in altitude ;-)

Three more flyers flew a pair of rockets as follows:

Dennis had his Arcas on a Road Runner F60-7 and his Crayon Deuce on 2xD12-5 (a very cool rocket).

Bill Assimes had his Nimbus on a I245G to 2,500 feet and his Idart on a J238T to 2000 feet.

And finishing up the paired flights was Jerry Olsen with his Aero Dart on a F23, deployment was a little late but a very nice flight and he also flew his Sandhawk on a G104. The Sandhawk too was slightly late with deployment but all-in-all it was good with a close to range recovery.

As always it was a great day at Maple Island! And thanks go out to everyone that helped make the July launch a fun afternoon at the fields of Maple Island.