TSM August Launch - 08/25/2007

The weather for the August launch was perfect for flying. Minimal wind and enough sun and warmth were backdrop for some great flights. Although the number of flights for the launch was low, it was a fabulous day out at Maple Island.

Abbey started the launch off with her Wizzard, with a project altitude of 575 feet burning a C6-5 motor. The motor split on the first attempt and Abbey was inducted in the brotherhood/sisterhood of rocketeers who at some time experience just about everything that can possibly go wrong with a flight!

Elsewhere in the Nelson family, Craig flew his Riddeler on a I-285 Green Gorilla. The altitude was projected at 1600 feet, however, the delay was too short and the Riddeler went for a rough ride. For anyone that can build a rocket that looks like don’t burst my bubble or recover a bird with a shotgun, make set backs with the Riddeler just walk in the park.

On a very positive note, Benton was the first person at Maple Island to certify level ‘F’ and listed as the third member on the Tripoli website for this certification class. The flight of Benton’s Mustang was outstanding and I would expect Denton to soon be giving Dennis a run for his money in rocketry-prowess.

Joining Dennis and Benton, was Kendra, who had two flights on a purple and Orange Paveway on a B6-4 and a C6-5. Somehow we have to get Mrs. Blank to join the other fliers in the family – hmmm?!

Mark always has great looking rockets at Maple Island with a touch for detail. I smiled when looking at his flight cards for his rocket Frick-n-Frack which was disassembled for two flights in a drag race and rightly so, he submitted 2 flight cards one for ‘Frick’ and one for ‘Frack’. I can’t remember who won the drag race - like twins they look very similar to one another.

Ron had the market cornered on high altitude flights with Altitude Junkie on a K-185. The rocket was predicted to reach 8,500 feet and according to the altimeter, it reached 8,815 feet. I think that’s 99.8% accurate – not too shabby and a great flight.

Jerry had his Weasel out for a flight on a G-80, that motor definitely had it goin’ on, because it took off like it was shot from a gun – darn fast! The Weasel landed somewhere in the corn northeast of the flight line past the E/W gravel road. After a long search, the Weasel might be spending some time with the corn – hopefully we will see the Weasel again. Jerry certified level 2 in July on his Goblin and the Goblin was back again in September to fly on a J350W.

Jacob had a Courier out with passengers of a plastic turtle and an army man. They successfully manned the cargo bay riding on a C6-5 motor. Pre-flight comments said to wish them luck!

Mark had a couple more flights flying his Snarky to 800 feet on a E9-4 and his Arcie II with an RC-glider on a D12-3. He also flew his Sunward Gravity Rider 224 on its maiden flight powered by two D12-5 motors. The Sunward Gravity Rider experienced a rough ride in a very unstable flight. Both motors lit but the stability was not found. Hopefully Mark will work the issues out of the Gravity Rider and we will see it again at the Island.

Jairo had his Masked Piper out for a ride on a F25-4W. His first flight was met with a motor failure but the next attempt was a success and a good looking flight with easy recovery.

Craig flew his Praying Mantis on a K-185 to 5000 feet with picture perfect recovery. The pre-flight comments of ‘Miss the tree groves and go for the road’ really worked. Craig also flew his Packer Graphics on a G-64 to 1500 and found absolutely no issues with his ‘Anti Power Line GEEZMO” in the rocket!

It was a fun launch and thanks go to everyone who helped setup, tear down, and assisted at the day’s events. As always, it’s great to have the support to make everything work and it’s most appreciated.