TSM October Launch - 10/27/2007

Itís always somewhat of a somber affair at the last launch of the season. With a little chill in the air, itís a reminder that winter will soon be here, bringing some quality shop time to mend any bruised rocket from the season. So to close the season on flying, here is the launch report from October. It was a picturesque day out at Maple Island with the following flights:

Warren had his Delta II rocketvideo armed with a H242 motor to reach an altitude of 1400 feet. Early deployment cut the flight short and the Delta II might need a little of the shop time mentioned above. Warren also flew his Legacy, which was his $20 special from hub hobby. The Legacy flew on a F50 to 2070 feet. Most of the crops where already harvested, making recovery very easy at the October launch.

Greg had a rocket called Post Hole Diggervideo, fashioned with a very spartan color scheme, which might best be termed 'natural'. Greg flew the Post Hole Digger on a J285 which took off with a vengeance. The flight was great, however, the rocket drifted very far to the southeast. By the end of the launch I was unsure if Greg was able to locate his rocket, hopefully, we will hear some good news on its recovery.

Gregís flight reminded me of the Beagle which was lost in a tree at our first launch in March, luckily, the Beagle was able to close the flying season with a ride back home. The shock cord finally frayed through by the October launch and the Beagle escaped spending the winter suspended in the grove of trees, somewhere near where Gregís rocket might have landed.

Larry our land owner informed the crew that a rocket had been recovered during harvest. We were unsure of where the rocket was found but it might have been Mike's level 2 certification attempt rocket from the July launch. We hope to hear more once the rocket is returned.

Regardless of what rocket was found, Mike was ready to try to certify again with a great looking rocket called 'Full Bore'. His attempt was to 4000 feet using dual deployment. Sadly, the deployment didnít go as planned and his rocket came in for a hard landing. Lets hope Mike doesnít get too discouraged and finds himself back at our first launch in the spring to try again - else lets hope the found rocket is his and in good enough shape to certify.

It was great to see a vintage rocket out at Maple Island. Tod Schaecher brought out an Orbital Transport to fly on a C6-5. It looked great right off the pad but soon found issues with stability. Letís hope the Orbital Transport might find its way back to the Launch line again. Tod also flew his EZI-65 on an I200 and his Rampage on a C6-5.

Jairo had the Masked Pipervideo out at Maple Island for his first attempt at building a reload. Unfortunately, as we all have experienced, the motor build failed and the Piper became a burning beacon in the skies over Maple Island. For the first time this season, the fire extinguisher was deployed to put out the Masked Piper in what is probably its last flight. Letís hope Jairo works on a Piper Replacement during the winter months for a spring launch.

Mark flew a great looking Mercury Atomizervideo on a C11, E9-8, and a E9-6. Sadly, the flights of the Atomizer were progressively worse. Even with valiantly trying to adjust the center of gravity with a potato in the nosecone, the Atomizer became one with the earth in the final flight in a tragic ending. Mark also flew his executioner on an E30-4. The Executioner took some lessons from the Atomizer and came in hardvideo as well with the chute stuck on deployment. However, to round off the day at Maple Island, Mark had an outstanding flight on his Sunward Moondance in a very festive paint schemevideo for Halloween.

Craig Knipple had an interesting day of flying out a Maple Island. His great looking Spy vs. Spy was armed with onboard video, with a transmitter downlink. Technical difficulties were hampering getting a recording; however, we hope Craig might be able to share some video from the Spy vs. Spy. It sauntered very close to the flight line for recovery, catching a good view of our launch site. Craig also flew his Packer Graphics with a coat of anti-power line spray. Sadly, the power line spray must have interfered with the deployment and the Graphics came in ballisticvideo. Not to be swayed by any minor mishap, such as deployment, Craig also flew his Praying Mantis on a J350 to an expected altitude of 2700 feet, claiming 'nothing flies like a Deere'!

Jerry Launched his Goblin on a J350 and in a fine flight, the goblin found itself in the south field across the plank. Equipped with the Walston, Jerry honed in on the signal. It was Jerry's first time using the Walston and like a pro was able to find his rocket instead of the object trying to throw him off painted very similar to his rocket as seen in the background of this picture. In addition to his Goblin, Jerry also flew his Shadow Hawk and Aero.

Craig Nelson launched a very fine looking MR1 with assistance of his daughter on an H185 redline to an altitude of 2000 feet. Contrasting the redline motor, Craig also launched an Irisvideo on a I285 blue baboon to a slightly lower altitude of 1700 feet. Craig was ready for a possible night launch with outboard running lights on the Iris. We will expect to see the Iris at the next night launch, perhaps flying with a AMW skidmark for effects!

Tanner Conway was very proud of his scratch built lil' Rocket, which flew on a C6-5. The rocket performed very well and narrowly escaped the peril of the stream by landing just on the far bank. In addition to his litlí Rocket, Tanner also launched his Super Eagle and Blue Ninja. Tanner has the blood for a fine future of flying. Letís hope we see him in the spring with some good looking kits or scratch built birds!

Tom flew a Crayon on a G-75 that looked very much like the nemesis to his ĎCrayon of Deathí. He also flew his Viper III with a cluster of three E motors and was boasting about his PML Auroravideo as the only rocket from TSM to return from Balls in one piece. Tom flew the Aurora on a K550, with dual deployment. At apogee a very long streamer deployed and at 800 feet the main chute improperly deployed. I am sure Tom will have the Aurora back for more flights.

Andy didnít miss any fun at the October launch and tossed his PML Ariel up on a H148 redline with an expected altitude of 1800 feet. All in all, it was a fine launch and a little sad loading the trailer at the end of the day, knowing spring will be the next launch.

Thanks for everyoneís help through out the year, from NARCON, Airfest, to all the launches; itís a testament of true TSM spirit. Teamwork makes everything come together for great outings at Maple Island. Thanks again, its truly appreciated and as a thank you Ė Please work on those birds in the off season ;-)

Maple Island Cam
Atomizer (11.2Meg)
Aurora (5.0Meg)
Delta II (typo in video - 2.3Meg)
Executioner (4.5Meg)
Iris (3.7Meg)
Masked Piper (2.7Meg)
Moondance (3.3Meg)
Packer Graphics (4.7Meg)
Post Hole Digger (3.8Meg)