Tripoli Southern Minnesota   Chapter #112

Launch Report - April 22,2006

launch report

Well, the weather mostly cooperated for the fans at the 2006 home opener of the TSM season. Clouds kept a tarp on fields till about mid day, but folks got into the batters box regardless, and took their best swings with some launch ready lumber.

Scouts from pack 42 made up the visiting team, and did their best to show up the home club, with a varied bench of Alphas and a bull pen of Big Bettys. Early out, there was some impressive base running between two of the Big Bettys that took off tandem in a race for home. The LCO and RSO umpires were unsure how to call the play, but both remarked that it was very high on the coolness factor.

The Scouts especially appreciated that it was Button Day at Maple Island Missile Range. Every young rocketry fan that successfully flew a rocket received a complimentary ‘I flew a rocket at Maple Island Missile Range’ button courtesy of Scott. A nice memento for a day filled with fun!

Meanwhile, the big leaguers were thinking about 'rail buttons' and started tossing some heat across the blast plates. Andy wound up and let loose with his BBXtreme, returning from a rocky end last season. Ron went for a double play with his Q-Leap II going from a J350 to I284 with picture perfect execution. Later, Richard, who appeared to be TSM’s designated hitter, swung for the upper deck with his Shock Value L3000 reaching 12,000 feet! Yup, even the folks up at the Minneapolis airport were reading the tale of the tape on that one!

Needless to say, some rockets were thrown into the dirt and I believe Greg and Warren both took wild pitch nose dives. Hopefully they both will shake it off and get back on the mound next month. Just like Cubs fans, we cannot give up faith, so lets hope for winning flights at the May launch!

Craig’s pitching effort with a sharp looking Eclipse caused the benches to clear, as the fire extinguisher tried to save the inning. As a result, Craig’s Eclipse will be on the 15 day disabled list but we expect to see it back in the lineup shortly. The umps had to question Craig later on some suspicious activity on the mound; it appears that he might have tried to toss a little something extra across the plate. Let’s hope Craig doesn’t get called in front of a senate inquiry about the launched stand-off scandal.

Two prospects were up from the minors and made their debut at the opener - Both Jeff Hartman and Craig Nelson looked impressive with Level 1 certifications. We'll have to keep our eyes on these rookies. Two very nice flights!

The Rocket Grill Maven coaxed the appetites of the crowd at her café of culinary bliss, tag teaming help from her sous chef Nicholas, whilst Sue worked double duty up in the ticket booth and the press box handing out flight cards. Much thanks for all the work!

Scott was all smiles for the camera crew and I think hammed up the home field for the replays on the 10 p.m. news. Pete brought out his Little John with a little pine tar on it (a.k.a torched tubing) and Tom had the entertainment for the 7th inning 'stretch' with his America Standing Tall.

Finally for the closer, Ron worked out of a jam; professing that 5 minute epoxy can fix anything and he doubled off the wall with two K1295's. A great afternoon for all fans out at the Maple Island Missile Range and a start to a winning season for the club!

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