TSM Launch - October 22, 2011

Eric had quite a few rockets out to the October launch, the covey of birds flown was as follows: His Callisto had a nice flight on a H motor with a projected altitude of 2,800 feet. The flight was great with a closest to pad recovery about 10 feet away. Continuing the nice flights was his PML Quasar with a Gearcam onboard. She made it to 3,500 feet on an I motor and landed to the west. Ryans Rocket, a Hawk Mountain Raptor found her way up to 3,300 feet with a cool green chute to bring her back to earth in the southwest. Eric wasnt without some issues during the launch, his Amraam came in ballistic to the north. Erics small Endeavor I-211 flew on a I-211 motor to 4,000 - quite a launch day for Eric and family.

Scott had three rockets out to finish the flying season. He started the launch out with a scratch built bird on a H motor for a text book flight to begin the launch. His Thing also had a nice flight to 2,000 feet with a southwest landing. Sadly thought, his awesome looking Woodie in a flight only to 200 feet went missing with some issues with the body falling away from the nosecone on streamer. The body landed in the southwest and a search party posse at the days end could not find her. A toast goes out to the memory of 'Woodie'.

Craig flew his Manly to 3,300 feet on an H-112 motor. Manly looked good after becoming a wee bit shorter from damage at an earlier launch. This time she looked great without an issue. The Partial Mantis was at the launch armed with a J motor and warren's video camera. The mantis had a odd takeoff, chuffing a couple times before she got a full head of steam.

Joey tried to certify Level 2 at the october launch with his very neat scratch built Vector One. She was fitted with a J-340 motor and was sim'd to reach 3,704 feet in altitude. The motor was too much for the fins and shortly into flight they tore off lets hope we see Joey in the spring with another attempt!

Mark had two flights with his Dark Star Mini. The first flight was on a G80 and looked great with an easy recovery. The next flight was on a G-106 skidmark and showed her stuff with lots of sparks off the pad, she came down in the southeast in a fine flight. Mark also flew his Applewhite Saucer on a H motor. Preflight comments were Loud and Smokey and she lived up it, making it to 300 feet and landing to the east.

Warren had his mini BBX for a flight on a H motor, she took awhile to get airborne with some igniter and pad issues. Once in the air she looked fine with a trip back to terra firma by the crossroad to the northwest. Warren also had the Viking 7 out to the launch, with a predicted altitude of 3,600 feet. She made every bit of that and drifted across the moat for recovery.

Jerry flew his Sand Hawk on a G motor and it was very slow to light but made for an easy recovery close to the range head. His Aero Dart lit much quicker on an E motor and looked great in a nice flight.

Thanks go out to everyone that helped with the October Launch, it was a fine afternoon with low winds and reasonably warm weather for October, making it a great day for flight and a fitting end to the 2011 season.