TSM Launch - May 27, 2017

Early in the day at the May TSM launch, Craig launched Manley in a nice flight - Manley was sim'd to reach 3500 feet on an I218 redline motor and did a little better reaching 3553 feet from the altimeter. Craig also flew Beer Here on a J290 on an appropriate tribute to the passing of Bruno's West - I believe word on the streets is that it might have closed for good. Its a strange year for Gerlach - currently BALLS might be cancelled due to wet conditions on the playa - being a couple months out yet it must be pretty wet! Beer Here was sim'd at 4500 feet.

There were two certification flights at the May launch, Wyatt had his HI-Tech H45 Red Diamond for a cert flight on an H135 white lightning. It was a great flight to 2500 feet landing in the northeast - A great looking rocket and great flight.

Kyle also had a certification attemp on Willards Rocket - I am unsure if the rocket was named at the range head with help of Jasper, but Willard flew on an H220 to 2400 feet - another great certification! Perhaps Level 2 cert this year - hmmm? Jasper didnít do quite as well as Kyle in his rocket flight with Sputter on a C6 motor - Sputter would have missed a low power certification due to a broken fin.

Warren got his Falcon 9 in the air on a long burn I65 white lightning motor. It took a bit of effort to get the Falcon into the air. At the range head we finally came to agreement that the wireless launch controller software might not have been reprogrammed from servicing last fall. Quite a few attempts to get the ignitors to light failed but she finally took flight. We were concerned at the range head since she was sim'd to reach a little over one mile and the radio beacon might not have been zeroed in on in flight. Craig helped Warren and they came back with the Falcon retrieving her to the south.

Gary and the University students had two flights at the Mayo launch. Back in Black was a beefy flight on a L1410 motor. The flight was fitted to have a reefed chute at apogee and open at 1000 feet. Their other flight was named Thunder Stoicks Back and flew on a K320 which was drogueless at apogee and enabled with line cutter at 100 feet. Comments on the flight card were "Nice Flight". I am not sure what happened with the Back in Black attempt - I remember someone asking for a shovel, but at the end of the day comments were somewhat jumbled with trying to get the last flights in and also pack up from the rain that materialized.

Scott E. had an awesome two stage flight with his Q3000 which staged a I435 to an I229. She sim'd at 5000 feet and the booster looked great with staging to the sustainer - very very cool and congratulations! Scott also flew his heavy slow and old Gizmo 1 on an I215 redline to 1800 feet.

Joe and the college students helped set up the large highpower pad for the big flights. Joe flew his Gizmo XLT on an L1410 Skidmark in a cool sparky flight. The nosecone might have seperated from the rocket and came nose-ballistic - but the large chute on the airframe gently brought most of the Gizmo home. I think Joe got her all back at the end in a nice "bigboy" flight.

Scott Y. had CallyStar-II or CS-II out for a flight on a tried and true J350 motor. She sim'd to 2900 feet, the flight was very nice landing her to the south.

Richard had his 'RichardEngineerederian' bowling ball rocket out for a flight using his tower. The RGH 8 Pounder sim'd to 1200 feet and she looked great and seemed to float forever with a big chute coming home back to earth. Nice flight!

Ron has his Altitude Junkie out for a flight to 8000 feet. As always - a nice flight!

The troops shut down the range right about 4PM and sprinkles at the time made tearing down the range go quickly even with putting away the large highpower pad. The college folks were a needed thankful help making the work quick. Folks retreated to Brunos East and toasted the days flight with a bit of camaraderie.