TSM Launch - June 27, 2015

The June launch at Maple Island was textbook perfect for weather - warm, sunny, high ceiling, and almost no wind - it was a great day for flying.

Andy was first to get a bird up in the air at the June launch after a quick setup - even with the bridge repair that caused the caravan to reroute approach to the range head. Happily everyone figured out the detour. Special thanks to Craig N. for fabricating a very sharp looking hood for the launch controller! Richard brought up the idea of retrofiting the controller with high intenstity LED's - perhaps a project in the winter.

Andy's first flight was his Ariel on an H182 Redline. A very nice flight with a great smoke trail to track her with clear blue skies. She landed close to the range in west. Andy also flew the Prowler on a C6-5 with a nice slow flight that looked real cool. There was a slight delay with deployment but she survived with no issues. Paid Assasin was also on the flight roster - many of Andy's rockets take names from lryics from songs - Elton John's - 'I feel like a bullet' giving naming rights from the phrase 'I'm low as a paid assassin is, You know I'm cold as a hired sword.' An H158 powered the Assasin to 1800 feet. The flight also experienced late deployment but home was found in the northwest unharmed. Andy's last flight was his Golden Dream on a K Sparky motor motor to 3500 feet. The Golden Dream looked great on descent with the gold mylar shimering in the sun light.

Alex certified Level 2 flying his blue unnammed rocket on a J460. The flight looked textbook in every way - very very nice and a no questions certification! Alex also had his V2 repaired from the May launch and this time the parachute did not cause issues in a great flight on a I-215 redline. Scott and Alex also flew the 'Orange, Black, and Wide' on a I-229, sim'd to 1500 feet. She was heavy and slow but made it to the altitude in a another great flight and landed in the southwest.

Warren had his Nike out for a flight armed with electronics to transmit position/location to an iPhone. She was sim'd to 2300 feet and on descent she was spotted just before touching down in the southwest. It took a bit to recover her, but she made it back for another flight in the months ahead.

Craig flew an odd rocket resembling a tower of energy drinks on an H-238 blue thunder. She was very quick off the pad and came down close to the moat but still on the range head side. Craig also had a rocket named "Purple" to the launch with a predicted altitude 0-3600 feet. She was powered by a homebrew I motor claiming 480 N.S total impulse. The motor case couldnt handle the pressure and she CATO'd on the pad. Craig, I am sure, will chalk it up to rocketry lessons learned at the launch pad and will retrofit another'I-full' motor!

Ron flew his Altitude Junkie to 8000 feet on a long burn K-185. We lost her during ascent but Ron had GPS tracking onboard and a clear signal to touchdown and was able to recover easily - Good Job and some great data captured.

Joe tested the limits of our waiver with his Painkiller Max with a flight to 11,500 feet on a M1160. Thankfully he had radio tracking and when recovered I believe the altimeter beeped out 11,800 Feet - Wow!

Carl had his 1/2 Scale Miss September at the July Launch, flying a very complex airframe setup with a slew of electronics. She was armed with a M1780 on the booster and a K550 on the sustainer. She was predicted to make it to 7000 feet on the motor arrangement. She looked way cool on the pad and everyone was nervous for a successful flight. She made it off the pad but the standoff strategy between the booster and sustainer could not handle the force of the big M motor and she came apart near the ground with reasonable repairs to the fins on the booster and I believe the sustainer was unharmed. I am sure Carl will have the Miss back for another flight after some retrofits and repair!

Jared, new to TSM had a late flight on his Cheetah flying a E16-7 motor. Upon firing the ignitor the deployment charge blew and she never left the pad. Lets hope we see Jared back for a successful flight with his Cheetah!

Thanks to everyone with the help setting up, tearing down, a great lunch fare, and a June launch for the books - Thanks!

At the end of the Launch, the crew dissembled all the flight gear and loaded up the trailer then found their way to Bruno's East for some needed cold refreshments at the end of a very nice June Launch.