TSM Launch - August 27, 2011

The August TSM launch was a nice day of flying in Maple Island.

Craig lead the troops in total flight for the afternoon. His Slyder with Burger Booster was a hit as always flying on a I357 staged to a I200. The projected altitude was 5800 and she came down in the south. Craig also had the vernerable Mantis out to the launch which now suffering previous hardship was badged Partial Mantis. The Mantis flew on a J285 and was a little late for deployment, but overall a nice flight with recovery to the east of the range head. Steve flew a an Initator under the guidance of Craig, she flew well on an E motor with preflight comments 'Go Like Crazy!. Craig also had a very nice looking rocket called 'Manly' themed on a birthday card he had once received. Manly had a steller paint job but fell prey to inflight turmoil and will find the shop for repairs as the Mantis did. Lets look to see a shortened Manly back at the range soon.

Joey had a great looking scratch built level 1 attempt rocket at the range called Vector 1. Predictions for altitude was about 2500 feet, with a I300 blue thunder motor. She went off the pad very quick with a nice blue flame and Joey found the Vector for a very fine Level 1 certification. Great Job!

Elsewhere in the attempt for a level 1 certification was Zachary with his Double Helix, Altitude predictions where about 3500 feet on a I284 white lightning motor. Sadly the chute didnt deploy and no certification was attained. Zachary tried again at the end of the launch with more mishaps, hopefully we will see Zachary at a future launch with a successful cert.

Following the mishaps for the afternoon, Tom had his Shredder out for a flight on a sparky motor and unfortunately the Shredder came in ballistic. His Crayon looked much better on a very quick liftoff with a H210 motor. The Crayon came down in the west, ending a very nice flight. Keeping with the very quick off the pad flights, Tom also flew his Golden Child on a G motor and the child was a terror off the pad in a very quick flight.

Mark had his Sunward Gravity Rider out to the range for a couple flights, first attempt it looked like one of the motors did not get lit. Second round both got lit for a nice flight with recovery somewhere close to the drainage ditch. Rounding off his flights, Mark had the Red Baron out for a maiden flight. The Baron had glider recovery on a B motor and sustained some damage on landing. It looks like Snoopy was victorious at this launch.

Dave S. had two rockets at the launch, his RocketSmith flying on a H210 with a transmitter onboard. The flight was good with an altitude about 1850 feet. His other rocket was the Slat-S flying on an I357. Another good flight with a cool chute to match.

Ron had a vintage rocket at the launch, his Vulcanite. I think this one of his first rockets. The Vulcanite was very slow off the pad and she found a late deployment as well, landing north on the road. Still the Vulcanite will return for some future flight with the vintage crew.

Scott had his Gizmo at the launch, flying on a I229 motor to a 1,200 feet. The flight was good with a close recovery to the west.

Warren had his Tomahawk II flown on a I161 white lightning. She made it to 2,200 feet and had only drogue recovery. A tracker onboard helped find her in the bean fields.

Bryce had his Banryu out the the days launch and flew well on a I284 with a landing in the beans to the south.

After the launch closed down Richard did another test of a motor, repeating the firing from July with better results. Mach diamonds were brilliant as she powered completely up to a very fine test and a close to events at the August launch.

Thanks as always to everyones help, from pulling the jon, to getting the equipment to and from the launch, along with support at the range head - a big thanks!