TSM Launch - September 24, 2011

Scott had an awesome scratch built all wooden rocket out to grace our September launch. The rocket named Woodie was a gem and flew great on a C motor landing in the east. Scott had two other rockets out to the launch, he flew a IO on a very quick H motor and his Patriot on a pair of D engines. The Patriot sauntered off the pad in a nice flight landing close to the range.

Craig K. and Steve had Packer Graphics and an Inititator out to the Island for flights. The Graphics flew on a G motor with no electronics, sim'd to 1500 feet. She took off with a swiggle but didnt find a chute on the way home with a hard landing in the East. Craig also flew his repaired Manly in a very nice flight to 3,800 feet on a H motor. Manly made it home fine with a landing towards the west.

Carl had his beautiful Litl' Miss September back for another attempt at proper staging. This time everything went as planned and she made it up to every bit of the sim'd 6,000 feet. She flew on a K550 staged to a I300. Great job Carl!

Continuing with great looking rockets, Warren had his scale Ares I out for a flight. She Sim'd at 2,500 feet flying on a I motor but looked to get even more than that in a very nice flight, finding her way to the bean field in the southwest.

Craig N. lit things up at the launch with with his PVC rocket flying on a skidmark K555 motor. She was armed with dual deployment and after toasting the ground found her way back into the corn in the northeast.

Glen had his I'm Yellow rocket out for a flight on an H165 redline. Luckily the color of bright yellow helped in a recovery in the beans in the southwest. Glen also flew his 3FNC on a F motor to a very respectable 2,500 feet.

Eric led the launch with 4 flights. He recertified level 1 succesfully on a Hawk Mountain Amraam, in a nice flight to 3,3000 feet on a I-211 motor. He also flew a PML Quasar on a H motor with a very cool sky angle chute to nestle her back to the ground in the west. His Raptor flew on a G motor and notes indicate she might have split on deployement with a fore and aft section landing seperately. His remaining flight was a small Endeavor flying to 2,200 on a another G motor.

It was a great day out a maple island for the September launch - thannks as always to everyone helping make it an enjoyable outting.