TSM Launch - October 11, 2014

The last TSM launch of 2014 was held early in October on the 11th. Calm blue skies without a cloud set the stage for a great final launch of the season.

David had the Beagle out to the launch for the first flight, flying on a I115W motor. The flight was great with a slow majestic take off and she landed near the range head a bit to the northwest.

Ron had his Altiude Junkie out on a long burn J motor with lots of electronics onboard. His flight was sim'd to 7300 feet and took off with a very proud long burn flight. She came down pretty close to home with another one for the book - great flight!

Warren had one flight on his AreoBee 400 on an H motor. She went pretty high and came down in the the northwest past the east/west road. Recovery took a bit of time but she made it back unharmed with a nice flight.

Craig N. had two rockets out to the launch. First to fly, was a very very cool Maple Island Water Tower on a J350, which I was mesmerized he was able to get the large motor in the tower. She came off the pad with a vengence and with a very loud thrust. She survived the flight and came home in the NW. Very Nice! Craig also had his Evil Knevil, which was spetacular. She had three homebrew motors that were mounted off axis and had red, white, and blue flames in flight - and were staggered for ignition - making her a three stage bird so to speak. She took off with a smoke trail, then another, and finished with the third - in a truly awesome flight - kudos to Craig for the effort.

Joe came to the October launch ready to certify level 3 and was armed with his Fat Man rocket loaded with a CTI M1300. Both his TAP's, Ron and Andy were present for the launch. Projected altitude was 4,200 feet and after a couple ignitor issues trying to launch the big motor, she took off with what looked to be a very promising flight. She was able to be tracked visually on the cloudless day and deployment looked good, and she sauntered down to terra firma in a very nice successful flight and cert. Great Job!

Scott and Alex had the Silver Log and the sharp looking V2 to the launch. Alex launched first with his V2, however, it looked like blow-by occured and the deployment charge went off immediately causing the V2 to struggle about until motor burnout. Luckily the V2 didnt experience any damage in the mishap and we look to seeing the sharp V2 again in the spring. Scott's Silver log faired better with a nice flight to 1,500 feet on an I-300 motor landing in the north east.

Matt made it down to the launch after a bit of a hiatus, it was good to see him again and he had his Elimator ready for a flight as well as Craig with his White Lightning. Craig launched first on a homebrew I195 motor and the White Lightning came in hot with chute deployment issues and Matt followed the trend with another one hopper with chute issues on his eliminator. I think both will go into sick bay over the winter months and return in the spring.

Mark had a very lite and lengthy rocket named Tall Tail Ten. The flight started off great but the rocket seperated from the chute at deployment. The chute lofted off in the distance to the north as the rocket came in without chute near the road to the north east. I believe the Tall Tail Ten was recovered.

Andy had his sugar motor R2D2 to the launch, after not seeing action in the Hamster Dance at Black Rock. The Droid looked awesome in flight and if we could assign a Bruno's ravioli dinner award - Andy's rocket definitely deserved it. Very cool!

Capturing longest duration for a flight at the October launch was Scott Y. Cally's Star. The motor was courtesy of Scott E. and she hung on a thermal or something at appogee and finally came down in the northwest in a lengthy but text book flight.

It was a great final launch of the 2014 season, perhaps best weather we have had for quite awhile. A succesful L3 cert, a 'three stage' scratch built bird, and a Droid with style - what more could we ask for? Folks packed up equipment for winter storage and everyone retreated to Bruno's East for a bit of post launch commraderie to toast a fine flying season and a great year.