TSM Weather Guidelines

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The spirit in which these guidelines were created is that TSM will do it’s best to provide an enjoyable launch event remembering that weather conditions can change quickly in Minnesota and that this is hobby.

The TSM weather guideline related to launches is as follows:

The status of the launch will be determined by 7:00 am the day of the launch via launch status.
The launch will be cancelled if any of the conditions listed below are met:

1. Rain It is raining in Albert Lea at this time or has been raining for the previous six hours.
2. Wind The wind is showing 20 mph or gusts of above 30 mph.
3. Ceiling The ceiling is less than 1000 ft.
4. Forecast There is an 80% or higher chance of rain or thunderstorms by noon the day of the launch for Albert Lea.

Forecast will be determined by AccuWeather

The prefect may elect to have an "impromptu" rocket meeting at a local restaurant in lieu of the launch.
Information regarding time and location will be noted on launch status.